Brave Men exists to revive the 21st Century man to leadership, integrity, courage, and most all
Jesus Christ. As we look back to the beginning in the Garden of Eden, man was given several
responsibilities by God.

1. LEAD. God gave man dominion over all of creation.


2. HOME. Before God gave Adam a wife, he gave Adam a home..


3. WORK. Before God gave Adam a wife, he gave Adam a job and a desire to do work..

4. PROTECT. God told Adam to protect his home and his wife.


5. LOVE. God told Adam to commit to Eve. The only relationship that was above his relationship to Eve was his relationship to God.


6. REPRODUCE. God told Adam and Eve to have children. Children are God’s heritage.

7. WORSHIP. God spent every day in the Garden with Adam and Eve. As a matter of fact,the word for work used in Genesis chapter 2 means worship. We are to worship God atall times.

Adam failed in many of these areas. Most of all he failed to protect his home, his wife, and his worship to God. This led to the fall of mankind and devastating results. What followed was murder, lying, stealing, sexual perversions, and eventually all out rebellion against God. Why? Adam (and us) failed to lead. Men, we must lead. Today, we face many crises because of our failure to lead as God intended. Families are falling apart. Our children wander aimlessly and believe the lies the world is teaching them with regards to sexuality, drugs, moral values, life, and the list goes on. Emotional and mental health issues are off the charts as homes are left physically or emotionally husbandless and fatherless. Many men are in the home, yet are so immature, disconnected, and weak that they may as well not be. God designed men to boldly set the course for his wife and children. This is not an option.There is a simple solution to today’s societal woes. Men must step up to bold, biblical leadership. Men must face life head on and lead their families. It’s time to put down the video games and the phones and pick up a Bible and lead. This may not be popular with many in our culture, but God designed order in the family and man is to lead. Not because he is stronger or smarter, but because that’s God’s design. He’s our Maker, therefore, He knows best. Men, we are not to be tyrants. We are not to be dictators. We are not to be compromisers. We are not to be cowards. We must follow the example of Jesus’ bold yet loving leadership that was irresistible to those who were not blinded by sin.

Jesus had opposition. You and I will have opposition. That’s okay. Keep leading!

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